Every car-owner is aware of the fact that even car parts have a shelf-life. With time, they too get old and worn. Not changing them at the right time can become fatal for your life as your car might twist out of control and lead to accidents. It is the responsibility of every car-owner to replace the car parts which aren’t performing optimally or has developed a fault. This will save you from getting stranded in the middle of the street one fine day. The best you can do is to approach a car specialist and they will let you know the common car problems and how to prevent them from recurring. You can even look out for the common warning signs indicating they need repair services.

3 Common Car Problems And Tips To Prevent Them

1. Your Vehicle Isn’t Starting

Two primary reasons why your car engine might fail to start are because the battery has died or the starter has failed. If you can think that your car isn’t starting just because the gas has exhausted, visit a nearby gas station. If the issue still prevails, check the condition of the battery and other components of the starter. New car batteries generally last for 3 to 5 years so consider the age of your vehicle before taking it to a mechanic.

2. Cracked Tyres

Cracks on the sidewall of your tyres are very damaging even if you use costly products. The cracks develop over time as the chemicals and oils present in the rubber compound of the product breaks down and evaporate when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Loss of those elements makes the tyres lose their impact and cracks start developing. Take your car to experienced mechanics in Dorking and replace the cracked tyres.

3. Car Leaking Oil

Though car owners generally fail to notice oil leaks, look for dark stains on the driveway. The easiest way to deal with oil leaks is by changing the oil filter at fixed intervals. Instead of trying a DIY, take your car to a reputed garage like Total Mobile Mechanics. They have experienced professionals who will assess the condition of the gas tank and let you know if the oil plug is missing or has become misaligned. Even if the oil is not leaking from your car, check the gas tank after every few months.

These being said, you are now aware of the common car problems and how to prevent them.