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Brake Repairs in Crawley | Mobile Services Available in Horsham and West Sussex

Grinding or squealing noises, leaks in the inner wheels, vibrations, warning lights, sticky handbrakes and your car pulling to one side when driving could point to a braking issue. Total Mobile Mechanics has land-based premises in Crawley where motorists can book in for brake repairs. If you have a roadside issue or can’t get to our workshop for personal or work-related reasons, we will bring the workshop to you in the form of a fully kitted van and a mobile mechanic.

This is a service we offer in the surrounding Horsham and West Sussex areas.

Driving with worn or damaged brakes could put you and your passengers at risk. Total Mobile Mechanics can replace pads, discs, drums, shoes and calipers using quality OEM parts. We also replace hoses and fluids.

Please contact us to arrange a visual inspection. We check all key braking components and provide our customers with detailed condition reports.

Your Local Brake Specialists

The benefits of choosing our company for brake repairs include:

  • Work undertaken by a City & Guilds qualified technician

  • A full range of services available for all braking systems

  • Total Mobile Mechanics specialises in ABS braking systems

  • The use of quality OEM parts, not aftermarket components

  • Safer control over your vehicle when slowing or stopping

  • Newer brakes make cars more energy-efficient to save on fuel

Your safety is important to us. Even if you have your car tested and serviced at recommended intervals, your brake components wear down over time through constant use. As soon as you notice unusual noises or a change in driving characteristics, book in for a mobile inspection anywhere in Horsham or the surrounding areas, or visit us at our popular workshop in Crawley.

If we find that your car needs brake repairs, we provide a free quotation for all required works to include labour and component costings.

For brake repairs in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex, call Total Mobile Mechanics on 01293 532007 or 07976 832714.