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Car Diagnostics in Horsham and West Sussex | Located in Crawley

Modern cars have complex engine management and electrical subsystems with sensors which continually feed information back to the engine control unit (ECU). When parts, components or systems fall outside of factory-set parameters, your dashboard will display a warning light. Bring your car to our workshop in Crawley or use us for mobile services in the surrounding Horsham and West Sussex areas, and we will perform a diagnostic test via the ECU. This is also available as part of our servicing package.

Innovative Diagnostic Technology

Car diagnostics is a process where Total Mobile Mechanics plugs a Snap-On code reader into the port of your ECU to retrieve stored fault codes. These codes tell us exactly where the issue lies with your car and helps us to make a faster recommendation on repair work than mechanical troubleshooting.

On completion of repair work, we clear the error codes to turn off dashboard warning lights. We also use car diagnostics to reset service lights.

Engine management services can cover the following:

  • Adjustment of Brake Calipers

  • Engine Running Issues

  • Fuel Injection Systems

  • Steering Components

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Headlight and Brake Lights

When you experience dashboard warning lights, book in for car diagnostics with Total Mobile Mechanics. Fault codes arise under specific conditions and criteria. A skilled technician will check for these conditions and criteria before writing up a quotation for any proposed repair work on your vehicle.

Diagnostic checks determine where faults lie quickly and this can save our Crawley and Horsham customers, and those across West Sussex, a significant amount of money compared to having a mechanic troubleshoot manually.

Because we undertake car diagnostics using innovative Snap-On systems, you can have complete confidence in our land-based and mobile services.

For car diagnostics in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex, call Total Mobile Mechanics on 01293 532007 or 07976 832714.