Imagine driving your car on the highway and you suddenly hear a very loud noise. A sudden tyre burst is nothing less than a nightmare for car owners, especially if you are driving on the highway. Since a failure like this can make your vehicle accident-prone, knowing the right thing to do in case of a sudden tyre burst is a must. How to deal with the issue is generally dependent on the type of car you own. Not only will you lose complete control of your car in case of a sudden tyre burst but there are even chances for it to flip over if you own a tall vehicle. The easiest way to avoid such a mishap is by taking the aid of mobile mechanics in Horsham.

4 Tips By Mobile Mechanics In Horsham To Deal With A Sudden Tyre Burst

1. Ensure Your Car Is Straight

Keeping your car pointed straight almost becomes a challenge if your vehicle has suffered a sudden tyre burst. The vehicle will lose its balance and suddenly start shifting towards the side with burst tyres. If you notice that your vehicle has started pulling towards a specific direction, prevent it from drifting towards the opposite lane by pulling the steering in the opposite direction.

2. Stay Away From Harsh Braking

Unless you want to worsen the situation, try to avoid harsh braking. There is a tendency in us to press the brakes as fast as possible during emergencies. Though our brains are programmed to behave in this manner, a sudden panic brake can worsen the situation and make you lose complete control of your vehicle. Even if you need to apply brakes, make sure you don’t slam it too hard.

3. Release The Accelerator Slowly

Letting go the accelerator quickly is as dangerous and slamming the brake too hard. The force of deceleration of a car with a blown tyre is very strong. This means that there are high chances for your vehicle to stop rapidly and get thrown away because of the momentum. The momentum will increase drastically if you release the accelerator pedal quickly. Mobile mechanics in Horsham always suggest car owners with a flat tyre to release it slowly as it helps in maintaining the speed momentarily.

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4. Avoid Driving Too Fast

There are high chances for you to lose control of your car if the tyres have burst. This is why mobile mechanics advice car owners not to drive too fast. Keep your basics in check and lower the speed if you want to survive. Just do a bit of calculation and you will realise that a sudden blowout at 140 to 150 kmph will be a lot more dramatic that one at 80 to 90 kmph.

Though you can follow the tips stated above in case o

f a sudden tyre burst to prevent any mishap, it is always advisable to stop the car right away and get in touch with a reliable mobile mechanic.

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