Since the cost of replacing your car engine can sometimes exceed your expectations, the focus of every car owner is always on making it last longer. Since the machine is considered to be the heart of a vehicle, your car will stop working once the machine stops. The easiest way to prevent any car engine issue is by taking proper care of your vehicle. You can also get in touch with experienced mechanics to assess the condition of your car engine every time an issue arises. When you know the reason for your car engine failure, dealing with it becomes easier.

Car Engine Failed? 3 Common Causes According To Mechanics In Horley

1. Ignoring The Cooling System

The engine coolant should be flushed after every 3 years or after your car has covered 30000 miles. How much you have to pay for an engine coolant flush is completely dependent on the experience of the mechanic and the repair shop you have approached for the service. Instead of waiting for the performance of the coolant system to deteriorate, make sure you take your car to the mechanic at fixed intervals. The easiest way to know that the coolant is low is when the engine starts overheating.

2. Not Changing The Oil At The Right Time

If you neglect to follow the recommended intervals stated by your car manufacturer, it can have a negative impact on your car with the passage of time. Though there are a few vehicle manufacturers who recommend using synthetic oil just to maintain the performance and efficiency of your car, it is always advisable to take a second opinion from your car mechanic as well. Using the right type of oil is a must even if you have a tight budget.

3. Neglecting Oil Leaks

One of the main reasons why experienced mechanics in Horley always suggest car owners to pay immediate attention to heavy leak issues is that it can lead to a loss of lubrication between various metal parts of the engine. This will not only lead to internal wear issues but also premature failing. It is not only about heavy oil leaks but you also need to take your car to a mechanic for minor ones as well. Deterioration of the suspension bushings, steering components and rubber engine mounts are few of the issues which can lead to slow oil leaks.

Since you are now aware of the common causes of car engine failure, take your car to a reliable mechanic before it’s too late.