Though there are numerous car mechanics scattered all over Horley for you to choose from, make sure that the one you are hiring is indeed reliable. Only the right professional is aware of the fact that the easiest way to avoid unanticipated charges is by following a specific routine maintenance. Though a majority of the mechanics in Horley are hardworking and honest people, not all are. The easiest way to check that the mechanic you have hired is reliable or not is by ensuring that they don’t say the things stated below.

Did Your Mechanic Say The Things Stated Below? Start Looking For A New One

  • “Any Motor Oil Variety Can Be Used In Your Car”

There are a few mechanics who say that you can use any type of motor oil for your car. Doing so is a strict no-no even if you have a tight budget. The thinness of the oil you should use is entirely dependent on the climate you live in. If it is extremely cold, it is advisable to opt for thinner oil with 0w to 30w. If thinner oil is used in a cold climate, the fuel efficiency of your car will increase. Check the normal operating temperature of your vehicle before choosing thin or thick oil.

  • “You Need To Change All The Vital Car Parts”

If the mechanic you have approached tells you that you have to change all the parts of your car to ensure its performance, it’s time you start looking for more experienced mechanics in Horley. Though replacing the faulty car parts sometimes becomes necessary, some of the issues can be rectified by repairing them. Moreover, the amount you have to spend to replace all the vital car parts can actually punch a hole in your pocket. A minor issue in the exhaust system can be repaired with a quick dab of the sealant or a cheap weld.

  • “The Issue In Your Car Is Quite Complicated”

Even if you feel that the issue in your car is quite complicated, your car mechanic should never feel so. A reliable car mechanic has years of experience in dealing with all types of car issues and knows how to repair it in a hassle-free way. Amateur professionals generally say that the issue is quite complicated just because they want to generate a high repair bill than necessary.

  • “You Car Needs Maintenance Services Every Day”

Though vehicle maintenance services are necessary to enhance the lifespan of your car, you definitely don’t need them every day. Instead of blindly following whatever the mechanic is saying, go through the car’s manual and check its maintenance schedule. This schedule is developed by the manufacturer after many rigorous testing. In fact, opting for car maintenance services too frequently can do more harm to your vehicle than good. You will also end up spending more money.

These being said, make sure you start looking for a new mechanic if the one you have hired says the things stated above.

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