There are numerous car owners all over the world who are quite worried about how to take care of their cars during the coronavirus pandemic. Since the government has advised people to practice social distancing and stay at home, the vehicles are being left idle in the garages. There are even a few car maintenance tasks like tyre inspection and checking fluids which should be carried out at fixed intervals. Postponing the car repairs and maintenance might also have a negative impact on the performance of your car.

The easiest way to handle the situation is by getting in touch with experienced mechanics. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and are aware of the various issues which might crop up if your car is left ideal for long durations. They might even share a few car maintenance tips to take care of your expensive car and keep them running longer.

Few Car Care Tips By Mechanics In Horsham During The Pandemic

1. Change The Oil And Check The Tyres

There are a few car maintenance tasks which you can do it yourself. For example, you can change the oil and check the condition of the tyres. There are numerous online videos through which you can learn how to perform oil changes. You can also hire a mobile mechanic to replace the tyres if you feel that they have become flat or need tyre alignment.

2. Don’t Let The Car Sit Idle For Long Durations

You can assure that your car is safe for driving if you don’t make it sit idle for long durations. Parking them for extended periods can cause the tyres gain flat spots, the battery might lose charge, rubber components in the car like the wipers and belts might dry out and critters might start living in the engine compartment.

3. Stretch The Service Intervals If Required

Since the government is advising people not to go out unless they want to buy essential commodities, you can stretch the service intervals of your car if required. Adding a few extra miles to your car before servicing them won’t harm them. You can also get in touch with mechanics in Horsham and ask them to share a few tips so you can keep your car well-maintained even at home. 

4. Replace Air Filters

The old or damaged air filters in your car can also be changed at home. You just have to check whether they are working properly and replace them if necessary. Make sure you check both the cabin air filter and underhood intake air filter. Generally, they have long service intervals. If you are not aware of the exact duration, go through the owner’s manual. There are numerous online e-commerce sites delivering essential items during the coronavirus pandemic.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above or hire a mobile mechanic if you want to take better care of your car during the pandemic.